Our Impact

Helping aid growers and farmers for crop pollination, is just one of the ways that the BeeQuilibrium Foundation can give back. We must remember that farming feeds the world, and with bees as our master pollinator, we must protect them and keep them safe. There are several more plans on the agenda. The foundation is and will continue to work with organizations, foundations and businesses that are helping to preserve natural resources, pollinator habitats, save farmland, promote conservation and conduct research of the like. We will build strong, healthy bonds and long term relationships with as many people that we can reach. The board of directors for the foundation is growing strong and will continue to evolve with individuals who are also aligned with our passion.

One of the most important components to this foundation is understanding that with your help, every hive that is placed somewhere, can pollinate up to a five mile radius. That’s a substantial amount of needed pollination, and essentially with our sustained efforts and support, we will be able to create green belts throughout hundreds of miles in California.