About the BeeQuilibrium Foundation

The BeeQuilibrium Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3, that is dedicated to protecting pollinator habitat, preserving natural resources and saving farmlands. While California is known for its beautiful sun, surf, and sand, we are also the nation’s leading farm state. California alone is home to more than 100 vital crops of fruits and vegetables. That number does not include the various types of these crops; which if it did, it would push our crop numbers into the thousands! Bees provide more than 80% of our world’s food supply, and if they go, so do we. We work to inspire, educate, empower, collaborate and create with people near and far, on the importance of our master pollinators.

The bees that are saved through Bee Catchers, Inc., are then relocated to a sanctuary of the BeeQuilibrium Foundation, set up for urban beekeepers, become rooftop apiaries and are donated back to beekeepers that may have lost their hives from disease, overwintering, theft, etc. We work with many California farmers and growers to help pollinate their crops during different times of the year. We teach kids and adults about beekeeping and are guest speakers at events, schools, universities, conferences, symposiums and the like.

We are always here to help, and we are just a phone call away, open 24 hours. You can reach us 818-448-2149 or 866-544-0074 or shoot us an email to beecatchers@gmail.com or beequilibriumfoundation@gmail.com