Saving Humanity One Bee At A Time®

Bees are our prodigious pollinator and without them, humans will likely not survive,
and our land would die.


 Advocate    Inspire    Create    Educate    Empower    Collaborate

With the BeeQuilibrium Foundation in place, and by building and creating organic working bee sanctuaries, we will have the means to substantially help farmers and growers across the country pollinate their crops each year, while getting to save billions of bees. This would bring an indescribable amount of happiness to us and everyone involved.

Our goal is to empower and supply communities with knowledge on agriculture, ecology, beekeeping and sustainability. That is the grassroots of the foundation.

We don’t want to miss an opportunity to help save and protect the place we call home. The Earth does not need us, we need her and its our responsibility as hUmaNITY to step forward and to make a commitment on becoming more consciously aware of our actions and the ripple effect that they have near and far.