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Preserving Natural Resources, Saving Farmlands and Protecting Pollinator Habitat

What a time to be alive! While many unforeseen circumstances have recently been at the forefront, impacting our daily lives in ways we have never seen, experienced, let alone been used to, the one thing in life that is constant, is change! It’s not about forgetting how our lives were before, or even how we were before, it is about pausing and realigning with the Mother Earth. Sometimes drastic things have to happen, in order for large masses of people to become aware of what’s been going on around us for a very long time, and while Earth has been giving us hints, nudges and constant reminders that we need to look at how we are treating our planet, it hasn’t been enough to invoke widespread long term changes.

With life moving so fast, it is difficult to receive the messages that come through or to recognize the opportunities in front of us. One powerful way to receive this information that is being given to us is by simply putting on the brakes and slowing way down. This allows us the ability to receive and download a lot of information in a short amount of time. Reflection thought, awareness, and most importantly gratitude. These are some of the many amazing things that come from being able to process what is happening around us because of what we created, whether intentionally or not. Patterns and behaviors come from repetition. Slowing down to see our behavior is what can help change it for the greater good.

We at BeeQuilbrium encourage you to look at your environmental impact, your carbon footprint, and to pledge to make a difference within ourselves and to help drive systemic action that demands change for our planet. Listen to your heart, you will never be lead astray. Once you can quiet the mind, all that is left to hear is the HEART.

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